Dr. Michelle Metrailler


A graduate from the Ontario Veterinary College, Dr. Metrailler received her degree in 2017. Since graduating, she has worked at Taunton Road Animal Hospital and has simultaneously worked as an emergency and critical care veterinarian on her days off. She has also volunteered with Global Vets to advocate for the health and welfare of animals around the world. Dr. Metrailler has a passion for veterinary surgery and is one of our laparoscopically-trained surgeons for minimally invasive procedures. She is a certified “Fear-Free” veterinarian and uses strategies in the clinic to prevent anxiety and stress in pets.

She lives with her husband, their two rescued golden-doodles named Zoey & Petey and they foster/rehabilitate cats from the Humane Society to be fit for adoption. Outside of work, Michelle can be found playing ultimate frisbee, snowboarding or doing puzzles.