Spay and Neutering for Pets

Health and longer life are priceless. Spaying or neutering your pet gives them both of these treasured things. Working double time, the procedure helps reduce overpopulation and the spread of diseases. It can also have a positive impact on their health and overall well-being. To learn more about the benefits or if you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 905-579-4040.

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What is spaying and neutering surgery?

Spaying and neutering is the surgical removal of your pet’s reproductive organs. Spaying involves removing the female’s uterus and ovaries through a small incision. In comparison, the male’s testicles are removed during neuter surgery. It is equally important that your furry loved one remains comfortable during the procedure, which is why both procedures are done under general anesthesia. Our care for your pet doesn’t end once the surgery is over. Our team will continue to monitor them after the surgery is done closely and manage any pain they may be experiencing during their recovery. 

Why should I spay and neuter my pet?

On top of preventing reproduction and overpopulation, there are a range of health benefits to spaying or neutering your pet.

  • It makes them less likely to develop diseases (such as cancer) 
  • It reduces aggression and barking 
  • It makes them less likely to roam
  • It helps prevent uterine infections

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