Bloodwork Services for Pets

For diseases that like to hide, blood tests help us seek the answers. Bloodwork allows us to ​​determine any underlying health issues your pet may be experiencing that are not physically visible. We can find medical conditions earlier on through regular blood tests and treat them before they do more harm to your pet’s health. To learn more about your pet’s bloodwork, call us at 905-579-4040

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Why are blood tests important?

Blood tests can tell us a lot about what’s going on inside your pet’s body. Pets are masters at hiding their pain. This can make it harder to diagnose them as they may not show any visible signs or symptoms. That’s where blood tests come in. With the help of our in-house laboratory, we can process and analyze bloodwork much faster and more accurately. This can help reveal:

  • Baseline health levels (for comparison later on)
  • Underlying diseases
  • Allergies or parasites 
  • Blood clotting ability
  • How well your pet will respond to anesthesia

How often should my pet get a blood test?

Our veterinarians usually request bloodwork when diagnosing your pet with certain illnesses. Keeping on top of their appointments and making sure you don’t miss them is one of the best ways to maintain your pet’s health and wellbeing. For senior pets, we recommend bringing them in more often, typically twice a year. If you’re unsure how often to bring them in, our veterinarians would be happy to create a schedule tailored to your pet’s unique medical needs.

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