It’s time to talk TICKS!

It’s been a long cold winter, but warmer weather is just around the corner (finally!)Our parasite prevention strategies have cahnged, and we strongly recommend starting tick control earlier this year.  Last year we saw ticks from early March until late December.  Ticks can start to “bloom” as soon as the temperature reaches 4*C.

In the last few years, central and eastern Ontario has seen a dramatic increase in tick numbers.  This is important due to the diseases that ticks can carry, such as Lyme disease.  In Oshawa, we are surrounded by Lyme endemic areas, from Belleville to Pickering.

We have several options for parasite control, both oral and topical.  This year there is a new all in one product available for the prevention of heartworm, fleas, ticks and some intestinal parasites.  This avoids having to purchase (and remember to give!) two separate products.   We will continue testing for heartworm and tick-borne diseases (4Dx ) but not until April/May.  At this time we only require a current weight to dose the medication properly as long as we have seen your pet within the year.

Our staff will be happy to help you decide which product is best suited for your pet’s needs.  You can come by anytime to get started in March.

We look forward to warmer weather and seeing you soon!

The staff at TRAH

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